Babydolls Agogo

Soi 15, Walking Street

Babydolls Agogo Pattaya

Babydolls agogo began its journey in October 2006. It was located in Soi 15, Walking Street, Pattaya. After 13 years as one of the most popular GoGo bars in the city it was sold to its current owner in August 2019 and is now Beavers Agogo, aka Beavers Adult Playground.

It featured three main sections, that are commonplace now but at the time were new – the main stage area, the play mat zone and the Jacuzzi.

We are leaving this listing in place, for nostalgic reasons really, as in its heyday it was probably the best gogo bar in Pattaya. Never really had the best lookers in town but certainly some of the most fun.

Babydolls Pattaya

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